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Free year long mental health program. Offering weekly sessions to build community, learn about accessing culturally competent care, and reducing the impact of generational trauma through coping skills and expressive arts. Reserve your space now using the R.S.V.P ticket form to the right. Click "Read more" to see the topics covered

  • Date: 8/9/2023 05:00 PM
  • Location 1173 N Ridge Rd suite 102, Lorain, OH, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Begins August 9th 5-7pm


Gathering Hope House has launched a new program called "Prioritizing US," a free year-long program that aims to provide mental health and substance abuse support to underrepresented individuals managing life with mental illness and trauma. We understand the importance of community when navigating mental health and connecting to services. 

Starting on August 9th, we will be holding evening meetings every Wednesday from 5-7 pm. Each session will focus on different topics and teach coping skills, trauma management, and self-care techniques. We have gathered experienced professionals who present various therapeutic modalities, including expressive arts and mindfulness, yoga, and off-site activities, including ceramics and photography. Our ultimate goal is to reduce health disparities and improve mental health outcomes for minorities by building a supportive community.

Each meeting builds upon the previous ones and by attending each session, you will receive continuous support, deepen their understanding of the topics covered, and have the amazing opportunity to connect with others in their community. We understand life happens, so don't worry if you cant make every meeting!  Check out the outline below to learn more about the topics

If you or anyone you know may benefit from this program, please let use know you are coming by RSVPing using this link!

Program Outline Schedule*

Month 1: Coping with Mental Illness and Stress & Navigating Services

Week 1: Introduction and Group Building

Week 2: Understanding Mental Illness and Stress; Coping Skills for Managing Mental Illness Symptoms and Stress

Week 3: Barriers to Accessing MH services; Insurance and Financial Assistance (Alicia/Psych Nurse/RN)

Week 4: Healthy Eating and Nutrition Matters - (Yoga)

Month 2: Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

Week 1: Suicide Prevention and Awareness 101

Week 2: Activity Night

Week 3: Strokes for Suicide Awareness - (Art therapy/Sharon Pye-Brown)

Week 4: Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques for Managing Anxiety and Depression (LCADA)(Yoga)

Month 3: Recovery-Oriented Care

Week 1: Understanding the Recovery-Oriented Approach to Mental Health Care

Week 2: Advocacy and Empowerment in Mental Health (Yoga)

Week 3: Goal Setting and Planning for Recovery

Week 4: Celebrating Recovery and Building Hope (Art Conceptions)

Month 4: Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Week 1: Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders & Dual Diagnosis Treatment -(First Alliance Solutions)

Week 2: Self-Help for Occurring Disorders

Week 3: Building a Support System for Recovery

Week 4: Recovery-Oriented Mindset and Goal Setting (Yoga)

Month 5: Trauma and Mental Health

Week 1: Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Mental Health

Week 2: Trauma-Focused Coping Strategies (Photovoice)

Week 3: Post-Traumatic Growth and Resilience (Yoga)

Week 4: Creative Expression for Healing Trauma (Art Conceptions)

Month 6: Building and Maintaining Supportive Relationships;Community Involvement

Week 1: Trust and Intimacy in Relationships

Week 2: Communication Skills for Building Strong Relationships (LCADA)

Week 3: Importance of Community Involvement (Mayor Whitfield)

Week 4: Understanding Generational Trauma and Family Systems (Photovoice)

Month 7: Wellness and Self-Care

Week 1: Mind-Body Connection and Holistic Health (Yoga/Juice Me)

Week 2: Exercise and Physical Health - (Art Conceptions/Line Dancing)

Week 3: Sleep Hygiene and Mental Health (Alicia)

Week 4: Spiritual Wellness and Finding Meaning in Life (Art Conceptions)

Month 8: Overcoming Stigma

Week 1: Identifying and Overcoming Stigma (Photovoice)

Week 2: Building Resilience and Coping with Adversity (Photovoice)

Week 3: Sharing Personal Stories and Building Confidence (Peers)

Week 4: Building a Positive Self-Image (Yoga)

Month 9: Cultivating Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation

Week 1: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (LCADA)(Yoga)

Week 2: Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression

Week 3: Emotion Regulation and Mindful Self-Compassion

Week 4: Mindful Communication and Conflict Resolution

Month 10: Positive Psychology and Well-Being

Week 1: Introduction to Positive Psychology

Week 2: Positive Emotions (Art Conceptions)

Week 3: Mindset and Self-Talk (LCADA)

Week 4: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life (Yoga)

Month 11: Exploring Resilience, Celebrating Achievements, and Looking Forward

Week 1: Understanding Resilience & Coping with Adversity

Week 2: Building Resilience through Connection & Gratitude (Yoga)

Week 3: Celebrating Achievements and Successes (Art Display/Art Conceptions)

Week 4: Celebration of Change; Looking Ahead

*outline subject to change without notice